HYPE REVIEW: LULULUN Face Masks. Are They Worth Your Yen?

If you’ve ever so much as Googled ‘best Japanese beauty products’, you would’ve surely come by the crazy hype of LuLuLun face masks. With 5 different masks in its range, LuLuLun has become the biggest hit in the Japanese market and is constantly appearing as number 1 items on beauty lists everywhere.

It’s time to break down the different types of masks available and see whether it’s actually good or not.



LuLuLun Face Mask Range
LuLuLun Face Mask Range

First of all, here is the range of LuLuLun face masks available. The blue/purple, pink and white masks were original releases, whilst the red and gold masks are new on the market.

So what are these face masks and how are they used?

Japanese face masks in general are usually targeted towards moisturising properties, and this range isn’t an exception. This is most probably because it’s ‘fashionable’ to have a dewy complexion.

LuLuLun face masks are specifically crafted to be used continuously across a 7 day period. If you crack a packet open, you’ll find 7 masks in each to be used daily over the next week. Unfortunately this is the only way it comes packaged, so if you don’t use it up quickly the formula might dry up and you will be wasting your dollars (or yen in this case).


LuLuLun Face Mask: Pink
LuLuLun Face Mask: Pink

The original of the LuLuLun range, the pink mask is the ‘regular’ of the series and is supposed to provide moisture to your skin all year round. It’s also claiming to smooth skin texture.


LuLuLun Face Mask: Blue/Purple
LuLuLun Face Mask: Blue/Purple

Some people say blue, some people say purple. Well to me, the purple mask of the range is the ‘rich moisture’ option amongst its brethren. Perfect for anyone who needs a serious pick-me-up and has super parched skin. There are also claims that it’s supposed to improve skin firmness and elasticity…


LuLuLun Face Mask: White
LuLuLun Face Mask: White

Known as the ‘brightening’ mask, the white LuLuLun mask is supposed to perk up your skin and smooth out skin texture whilst giving it a moisturised glow.


LuLuLun Face Mask: Precious Red
LuLuLun Face Mask: Precious Red

New to the market, the Precious Red LuLuLun mask is specifically formulated for ageing skin. It still provides moisture but helps targets problem areas that are known for aged skin.


LuLuLun Face Mask: Precious White
LuLuLun Face Mask: Precious White

Another newcomer, the LuLuLun Precious White (in the gold packaging) is formulated to provide moisture, firm and brighten the skin.


As I personally have very very oily skin, I decided to skip the pink regular moisture and blue/purple rich moisture masks to try the brightening white one. I diligently applied these for 7 days in a row to ensure I was getting the maximum results for the review.

Oily: First thing I noticed was the increase of oils on my face. After the first mask, I noticed my face would get oilier quicker the next day. I wasn’t the only one who noticed – a friend of mine was trying out the pink masks at the same time and had the same issue; she has oily-combination skin.
It might be because we both have oilier skin types, so these masks might not be the best option. If you have drier skin though, this might work out for the better for you.

Brightening: I’m fairly sure it wasn’t my imagination but my skin looked better. Brighter in the sense that I looked more refreshed (even though we were out and about all day), and I looked more awake throughout the day.
My makeup also lasted a lot better by the end of each day after mask application, which was a bonus.

Lasting Effects: The one major downside to this mask is the lasting effects. I personally did not find that the brightening result lingered too much after the 7 day course of masks was complete. It may have hung around for a day or two afterwards, but within about half a week, I had turned back to my original pumpkin state.

With the lack of lasting effects for this mask, this may be why the product is sold in bulk. You can get the 7 day pack for around ¥400 – ¥600, or the 28 day pack for ¥1,500+.


I personally wouldn’t recommend these masks for anyone who has an ounce of oily skin. This will make you shine like that 2-carat diamond you’ve always wanted. But not with the same beautiful awe.


Rating: 3/5


A bit of a different post this time round. Not necessarily travel. But I thought I’d do my brothers and sisters a service by reviewing these hyped up masks before you guys lash out your dollars (or yen) for something that might not be the best option for you.

Let me know if you have any qs on these mask. Though the white mask didn’t work the best for me, I’m interested in getting my hands on that Precious White (gold) one to see whether the brightening properties are any better.
And maybe even that Precious Red mask for ageing skin…


Mrs Chu x

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